Recommendations for stakeholder groups

Recommendations directed to regional entities, governments, education practitioners and leaders, and the public.

The overarching recommendations show the core ways that PILNA can be used throughout the Pacific region. They guide high level interactions with the PILNA data and how best to use them in the future.

Building on the overarching recommendations, the sections below contain more specific actions that stakeholders could consider to create positive changes for learners and the education environment. These recommendations are not exhaustive and will continue to be added to as the PILNA 2021 data are explored further.

First, the findings from PILNA 2021 which underpin these stakeholder recommendations are outlined. Recommendations are then presented for four stakeholder groups: regional entities, such as development organisations; governments, such as ministries of education or youth affairs; education practitioners and leaders, such as teachers and principals; and the public, such as caregivers, communities and religious organisations.

These recommendations have varied relevance for Pacific Island countries. It is important that local context and stakeholder needs are considered before implementing actions from them.