The public

The public

The public may be interested in the findings in the regional PILNA report. These stakeholders might be parents, community members and leaders, church and spiritual organisations, and community and voluntary organisations.

All of these stakeholders contribute to the education of Pacific children by providing the support systems and environments for students to thrive.

For this reason, these stakeholders might be interested in the findings relating to the experiences and environments of students, their teachers and their school leaders or head teachers.

These findings are presented in the ‘Get to know’ section of the report. The information might enable some public stakeholders to understand phenomena in their education systems and the environmental factors that support student performance.

Community, religious and other organisations might also use these findings to inform actions and interventions at the local level.

The findings for student performance in literacy and numeracy may be of interest to public stakeholders needing to understand student achievement. This section outlines student performance by domain (numeracy, reading and writing) and by year level (year four and year six).

The overall regional findings and recommendations for PILNA 2021 may be of interest, although the more-specific recommendations for the public may provide a better pathway for action.