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Year 4 Numeracy performance

Performance » Year 4 Numeracy

A total of 20,892 year four students took part and was assessed in the PILNA 2021 numeracy assessment. The average overall numeracy performance for these students in 2021 was 478.91 (SD = 71.45).

Figure RNF4.2 shows the average numeracy scores of this group and of year four students from previous PILNA cycles.

Figure ABC#1: Year 4 numeracy lower than previous cycles

A lower proportion of year four students met the minimum expected level of overall numeracy performance in 2021 than in all previous PILNA cycles.

2012 74%
2015 86%
2018 83%
2021 67%

The average overall numeracy score for year four students in 2021 was lower than all previous PILNA cycles. However, the standard deviation for this group was greater than all previous PILNA cycles. This means that the distribution of overall numeracy scores in 2021 was more spread out than in previous PILNA cycles.

More analysis needs to be done to understand whether these differences in scores are statistically significant.

Year 4 Numeracy distribution by proficiency scores over time

Proficiency scores over time, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2021