2016 regional benchmarks » Overview

The review of the 2006 benchmarks was collaboratively carried out by EQAP, and two (1 literacy and 1 numeracy) curriculum representatives from each of the 15 Pacific countries in the week of 26th to 30th September, 2016 at Tanoa Hotel in Nadi.

Literacy and Numeracy are more than just “reading, writing and arithmetic” which these have been traditionally associated with.

The understanding now is that literacy includes the capacity to read with understanding, write and critically appreciate various forms of communication, including spoken language (in whatever language one is comfortable with), printed text and media.

Numeracy is not limited only to the ability to use numbers, use the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) but numeracy also encompasses the ability to use mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems in everyday life. Numeracy includes the ability to think and communicate quantitatively, make sense of data, have spatial awareness, understand patterns and sequences and to recognise situations where mathematical reasoning can be applied to solve problems.

These benchmarks encompass the common broad learning outcomes that set out the knowledge, skills, understanding, values and capacities that Pacific students should have the opportunity to learn and develop in literacy and numeracy.